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Bring your computer to us to take advantage of our residential computer repair expertise.

Get your computer repaired today for only $100 Flat Fee Labor. Free Diagnostic.

Computer Repair - Residential

Computer Repair
Need Residential Computer Repair in Orlando?

+7000 computers repaired in Orlando by Milenium Computer Services. We are open: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Our success rate is 99.8% that is the best that you will find anywhere!! You will not be charged unless we can bring your computer back to life.

Residential Customer means:

  • You will bring your computer to us.
  • We do not do House Calls or Pick up/Drop off your computer.
  • You need an appointment.
If you are a residential customer (not a business) you will pay only $100 flat fee labor per computer instead of $125 per hour that we charge businesses, also if your computers are from a business but you bring them here for repair the price will be only $100 per computer you can also save more money taking advantage of our IT Support Contract.

  • $100 Flat Fee Labor.
  • Parts not included.
  • 5% fee on credit card or PayPal payments.
  • We also accept Zelle and CashApp.
  • Free Diagnostic.
  • No Fix = No Fee.
Free diagnostic. All our computer repair services in Orlando are done without data loss.

Need Virus Removal Services?

Computer Repair - Virus Removal:

Is your computer infected by Viruses? Spyware? Annoying popups?
As part of our computer repair service in Orlando, we offer virus removal service, we will remove every single virus from your computer and provide a free tune up service so it will be running fast again.

Why lose all your pictures, music or programs that you have installed over the years, when you can save them by simply coming to us?

  • We developed our own proprietary tools to remove viruses.
  • Even NEW viruses can be removed with our technique.
  • We only delete the viruses found on your computer, your information and programs are safe with us.
  • After we finish removing viruses, a FREE TuneUp service will be performed to speed up your computer.
But, as there is always a "but", there is a 1% possibility the viruses damaged your operating system and we cannot recover it, in such case we still can reinstall Windows saving all your photos, music and documents, only your programs will need to be reinstalled again.

Need Hardware Repair Services?

Hardware Repair and Gaming Computer Repair:

Bring your computer in to have a free inspection done right in front of you.

  • We will not take your computer behind a wall and come back with a lot of problems to charge you more, we only charge $100 for our labor no matter how many hours we have to expend to fix your computer.
  • We are dedicated for more than 25 years to providing our customers with the most reliable computer repair and laptop repair services in Orlando.
Do you need to repair your Gaming Computer?
You are in the right place. We repair gaming computers on a daily basis, we are specialized in:
  • Problems Starting up your Computer.
  • Solid State Drive Installation.
  • Mirroring your old and slow Hard Drive into a Solid State Drive.
  • Power Issues.
  • Troubleshooting overheating.
  • Dried Cooling Systems.
  • Motherboard problems.
  • Video Card (GPU) problems.
  • Liquid spills/damage.
  • Internal Dust Removal.
Our experience repairing computers plus the honest approach that we take in our repair process is the reason our customers trust us.

We repair anything from hardware to software.

Need Windows Repair Services?

Computer Repair - Windows Repair:

  • Is your computer operating system not working the right way anymore?
  • Is your computer slow?
  • Your computer needs a Tune-Up?
  • Applications do not seem to start as fast as they used to?
Most of the time the slowdown is due to viruses or the need of a Tune-Up, it also could be bad sectors on the hard drive surface, if that is the case, we have our proprietary tools developed to fix those bad sectors without losing any data, how? because instead of marking bad sectors as bad, we remagnetize them to make them work again without damaging your data.

  • We will fix your computer without data loss.
  • You may be in need of adjustments to your system that will have it running like new again.
  • We can repair your computer for blazing performance.

Need Windows Installation Services?

Computer Repair - Windows Installation:

  • Do you need to install windows on your computer?
If you are having issues with your current windows installation and you want to start fresh or just want to upgrade your old copy of Windows 7, maybe you do not like Windows 11 and want to go back to Windows 10, Or you fall victim of a hacker and want to get rid of possible hidden remote access tools left after the hacking, we can help!

  • We can install and setup your computer with any version of windows.
  • We also do Reinstallation of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) software back to original state.
  • The best part: We guarantee no data loss, any existing data will be saved and restored after the installation.

Need Password Recovery Services?

Computer Repair - Password Recovery:

Have you locked yourself out of your computer?

  • Did you forget your password?
  • Has your kid locked you out?
Do not worry!!!, there is usually a backdoor open for us, if you forgot your windows password, we can recover it or reset it.
  • We can recover passwords from any version of windows. (Not encrypted drives).

Need Data Recovery Services?

Computer Repair - Data Recovery:

We can recover your information as long as your hard disk is not clicking or totally dead.

  • 99% of the time we can bring your hard disk back to life again.
  • We do not use Microsoft tools that only mark the bad sectors as damaged.
Most of the time we can recover it from the death.
  • We remagnetize the damaged surface area of your hard drive making it work again.
  • We had recovered information from computers totally burned in a house fire.
  • We were able to recover data from a flooded hard disk.
  • We can also try to repair that pen drive that you snapped by accident.

Need DC Jack Repair (Charging Port) Services?

Computer Repair - DC Jack Repair (Charging Port):

  • Is your laptop battery not charging anymore?
  • Do you have to wiggle or jiggle the plug constantly to make it work?
  • Is "the piece inside" the charging port loose?
Bring your computer in to have a free inspection done right in front of you.
  • We can repair or replace it.

Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions:

1 Why my computer is so slow?

  • Slow computers most of the time is because of viruses.
  • Failing hard drive.
  • Lack of Maintenance (Tune-up).
  • It could be your internet speed too.

2 How long a computer repair service can take?

  • Most of our computer repairs take less than 2 hours if the problem is the operating system (Windows)
  • Hardware (Electronics/Electrical) problems can take from 2 days to a week depending on how many multiple problems we have to fix.
  • A quick repair on your computer will be reinstalling windows from scratch saving your files/data, it will take less than 1 hour, the inconvenient is that you will have to reinstall all your software/games.
  • It can take up to 2 hours removing computer viruses and repairing the damages they did.
  • A Computer Tune-up can take also 2 hours defragmenting your hard disk and checking for disk errors.
  • In case that errors are found on your hard disk, it will take from 2 to 4 hours to repair your computer hard drive, depending the size of it.
  • If you bring your computer for repairs on a Friday bear in mind that I close at 6pm and will not open again until Monday, so please do not call me during the weekend asking me how your repair is going because a machine will answer letting you know that we are closed after Friday or 6:00pm week days.

3 Do I lose my pictures, documents and music after a computer repair service?

  • All our computer repair services are not invasive, we do not touch or remove your data at all.
  • I know, your information has been removed or lost before but that was thanks to a lazy or incompetent technician trying to save time by not doing a backup.
  • Even if we have to reinstall windows from scratch, windows itself ask if you want to save or remove all your information.

4 Do I need an appointment to have my computer repaired?

  • Yes, you need an appointment before to show up here out of the blue.
  • We have computer support contracts with hundreds of companies and if they have an emergency that we cannot fix remotely we will not be here, so make sure to always call us before to show up.
  • You can Call us or leave us a Message clicking on the Contact Us! button.

Special Offer!!!



If you buy Antivirus Protection from us and you get a virus while the license is active, we will remove it for free.

$99.99 $30.00

Other Services

Need Business Computer Services in Orlando?


When you partner with us, you are partnering with an IT expert for a small fixed monthly fee covering all your computers and network equipment needs, our innovative proprietary IT solutions and IT support will exceed your expectations while saving you downtime.


  • $200 first hour and then $125 per extra hour.
  • Monthly Contract to Cover Groups of 5 Computers for $100/Month.
    • Small Office: 1 to 5 Computers - $100/Month (1 Group).
    • Medium Office: 1 to 10 Computers - $200/Month (2 Groups).
    • Large Office: 1 to 15 Computers - $300/Month (3 Groups).
    • Extra Large Office: 1 to 20 Computers - $400/Month (4 Groups).
  • $100/Month per Server.
If your business do not have an IT department or a reliable IT guy, if you are experiencing frequent downtime, system failures, internet connectivity issues, security breaches (hacking) and you do not have an in-house IT department, it is time to partner with an IT Support Service Provider that is here in Orlando, FL.

We Provide Expert IT Support When you Need it. We have been working on Small Businesses for 25 years, reducing technology hassles and keeping your employees focused and productive.

With us you have all your business covered, we do IT Services, Network Services, Server Installation and Monitoring, Router and Firewall Installation and Setup.

Need Web Design with Ranking on Google 1st Page?


We provide expert website design using the latest SEO techniques, doing your website with us will rank your website before your competition without paying google ads. We also offer secure website hosting and email services, backup by our company rated A+ on security.

  • 1 (One) Single Page Website = $1000/One Time + $240 Hosting First Year.
  • Extra Pages: $200/Per New Page.
  • Hosting, Security Certificate, Up to 10 Email Accounts, Text Messages: $240/Year.
  • We offer .NET Applications (Web based) for only $150 per hour (minimum 160 hours).

Get Started Today!!!

If you are in need of Computer Repair in Orlando, FL, Milenium Computers is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services with care and expertise, including Business IT Services and Web Design. Milenium Computer Repair has served many happy clients in Orlando, FL. We hope to see you in our office soon!

Milenium Computer Repair
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Office Hours for Residential Customers:

Monday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Wednesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Thursday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

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Andro always does great work and his prices are very reasonable. The best IT help you can get!
review from Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd

a week ago (Jul 12, 2024)
This man has gone above and beyond with amazing customer service while also giving me advice for fixing simple issues with my pc. He was a very friendly person and highly recommend for anyone in need of help with their pc.
review from William Garcia II.

William Garcia II.

3 weeks ago (Jun 26, 2024)
Honest, reliable, and personable service! I had a 5 yr old Lenovo ThinkPad that suddenly wouldn’t boot up (power, but no display). I had some important files that I NEEDED to salvage, so I was selective when looking for professional repair. Most places I called had that rushed and indifferent “car-mechanic vibe” and wanted me to drop it off for a few days and pre-pay 80 diagnostic fee before providing a quote (which some estimated to range from $200 to $300), plus additional $90 to recover my data. I wasn’t thrilled about any of them, but was going to try one out anyway before I found Millenium Repairs. It was a little further away, but the consistent 5 star reviews compelled me to call. The owner, Andros answered and I knew right away, this was my guy. He let me explain the problem, told me what it could be, and told me to bring it by to check out together (no upfront fee). When I arrived, I expressed my concern for saving my data and without hesitating, he opened it up, pulled the hard drive out and flashed my files to a usb device for me. I left for a few hours and later that day, it was fixed in perfect working order. $100 flat-rate covered it all! Highly recommend!!
review from C T


3 months ago (Apr 24, 2024)
Andro was insanely helpful and confirmed the problem with my PSU and helped me find if anything else would be affecting my pc. Had me in and out in 30 minutes and then didn’t charge me. Incredible guy.
review from Ur boi Speedy

Ur boi Speedy

4 months ago (Mar 19, 2024)
I was struggling to build my PC, I had all the parts, but wanted guidance on what to do! Andro built the entire PC and added cable management. Everything turned out great! Nice guy! 100% would recommend
review from Amanda Moller

Amanda Moller

6 months ago (Jan 24, 2024)
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