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We provide Business IT Support to help you reducing technology hassles.

$125.00/hour or $100/month with contract.

Computer Services - Business

Computer Services
Need Business IT Support or Server Monitoring?

When you partner with us, you are partnering with an IT expert for a small fixed monthly fee covering all your computers and network equipment needs, our innovative proprietary IT solutions and IT support will exceed your expectations while saving you downtime.


  • $200 first hour and then $125 per extra hour.
  • Monthly Contract to Cover Groups of 5 Computers for $100/Month.
    • Small Office: 1 to 5 Computers - $100/Month (1 Group).
    • Medium Office: 1 to 10 Computers - $200/Month (2 Groups).
    • Large Office: 1 to 15 Computers - $300/Month (3 Groups).
    • Extra Large Office: 1 to 20 Computers - $400/Month (4 Groups).
  • $100/Month per Server.
If your business do not have an IT department or a reliable IT guy, if you are experiencing frequent downtime, system failures, internet connectivity issues, security breaches (hacking) and you do not have an in-house IT department, it is time to partner with an IT Support Service Provider that is here in Orlando, FL.

We Provide Expert IT Support When you Need it. We have been working on Small Businesses for 25 years, reducing technology hassles and keeping your employees focused and productive.

With us you have all your business covered, we do IT Services, Network Services, Server Installation and Monitoring, Router and Firewall Installation and Setup.

Need IT Support for your Small Business Office?

Managed IT Support Services:

Proactive is always better than Reactive:
We protect and monitor your business computers and network for daily problems, we protect you against hackers, viruses and hard disk issues 24 hours a day. We analyze your servers (if you have) and work proactively to correct any issues. When an issue is detected it is fixed most times before you even know there was an issue.

This service includes unlimited calls and remote access to fix your problems or to answer your questions. It also includes all the Computer Repair Services.

Why risk loosing information or having downtime when you can have us protecting your business?.

  • Unlimited Technical Support.
  • We are available Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm.
  • A real expert here in Orlando will answer the Phone.
  • We provide priority response to your emergency.
We cover: All your computers, servers and network (firewalls, switches, routers).

Need Server Monitoring to Avoid Hackers or Hardware Failing?

Server Monitoring:

Having your dedicated network server just sitting in an empty room with no one monitoring its functioning is dangerous for your business, every hour hundreds of hackers will try to get into it, having monitoring services guarantee you peace of mind.

Our Service Includes:

  • Monitoring your server 24 hours using our proprietary monitoring software.
  • Hacker Prevention.
  • Secure Data Backups.
  • Security Assessments.
  • Server Support.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Security Planning and Management.
In the event that your server fail because a defective manufacturer part including the hard disk, we will fix it or rebuild it for free.

Need a Backup of all your Business Data?

Backup your Company Data:

Secure your business implementing a daily backup not just the cloud's one, an actual backup that really works, online backups just save the data you choose to backup, not the pricey software you paid and if you don't know where to look for your data you can be missing important files, we install the best backup system ever and you won't have to worry for anything we backup the whole server with operating system and data no matter where the files are located, and if you server ever fail we can have it running in 2 hours with everything it have from the last daily backup.

Need a Server for your Small Business?

Server Installation:

Increase your business productivity and security with a dedicated network server to handle your daily operations while securing your information.

We can install your business server and any service you need on it, including but not limited to:

  • Active Directory (AD).
  • DNS.
  • DHCP.
  • File Server.
  • Mirror Disks (RAID).
  • Daily Backups.
  • IIS.
We make sure that your server is secured and using the right protocols, disabling for example the SSL, TLS 1.0. TSL 1.1 and the Protocols for the TLS 1.2 that are vulnerable to hackers.

We also offer Server Monitoring to avoid any unexpected "surprise".

Need a Server for your Small Business?

Network Services:

Call us to have your business network secured and connected the right way?, We can secure your business network with a firewall.

We can install and manage any network device:

  • Modem/Router.
  • Firewall.
  • Switches.
  • WiFi Antennas.

Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions:

1 Are you available 24 hours?

  • Is your business open 24 hours?, neither mine, lol.
  • If you have a monthly contract with us, we will treat your business as if is our, if your business have an emergency you can call us at any time and we will be there until the problem is resolved no matter if is sunday or midnight, but our normal hours are 7am to 7pm.

2 How long it will take you to have my business running smoothly?

  • A neglected business can take from 2 to 3 months, that includes upgrading and fixing your server, fixing broken hard disk RAIDs and current errors.
  • Depending how many computers your business have, upgrading them to the latest windows version and updates takes time, we normally do the updates and upgrades after you close your business in the afternoon or during the weekends so we do not interrupt your work flow.
  • We will make sure that you are informed during the whole process.

3 Do you install Firewalls?

  • Yes, we do and we recommend.
  • We preffer the Dream Machine Pro from Ubiquiti.

4 My business was neglected by our previous IT guy and now everything is crashing, will you take us?

  • Yes, we take your business as is.
  • We will work extended hours to make sure your business is running up to standards.
  • We will update every single computer to the latest windows and updates.
  • We will update your server to the latest version.
Yes, we do inplace upgrade, so you will not lose any data or software.

5 How do I contact you?

  • You can Call us or leave us a Message clicking on the Contact Us! button.
  • You can also Text us, use WhatsApp or emails, whatever way you preffer.

Special Offer!!!


It is time to take action and have your website on the first page of search results, a website that converts into money and a website that is adapted to your target audience.

Custom web design for demanding people like you.

Other Services

Need Web Design with Ranking on Google 1st Page?


We provide expert website design using the latest SEO techniques, doing your website with us will rank your website before your competition without paying google ads. We also offer secure website hosting and email services, backup by our company rated A+ on security.

  • 1 (One) Single Page Website = $1000/One Time + $240 Hosting First Year.
  • Extra Pages: $200/Per New Page.
  • Hosting, Security Certificate, Up to 10 Email Accounts, Text Messages: $240/Year.
  • We offer .NET Applications (Web based) for only $150 per hour (minimum 160 hours).

Need Residential Computer Repair in Orlando?


+7000 computers repaired in Orlando by Milenium Computer Services. We are open: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Our success rate is 99.8% that is the best that you will find anywhere!! You will not be charged unless we can bring your computer back to life.

Residential Customer means:

  • You will bring your computer to us.
  • We do not do House Calls or Pick up/Drop off your computer.
  • You need an appointment.
If you are a residential customer (not a business) you will pay only $100 flat fee labor per computer instead of $125 per hour that we charge businesses, also if your computers are from a business but you bring them here for repair the price will be only $100 per computer you can also save more money taking advantage of our IT Support Contract.

  • $100 Flat Fee Labor.
  • Parts not included.
  • 5% fee on credit card or PayPal payments.
  • We also accept Zelle and CashApp.
  • Free Diagnostic.
  • No Fix = No Fee.
Free diagnostic. All our computer repair services in Orlando are done without data loss.

Get Started Today!!!

If you are in need of Computer Repair in Orlando, FL, Milenium Computers is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services with care and expertise, including Web Design and Computer Repair Services. Milenium Computer Repair has served many happy clients in Orlando, FL. We hope to see you in our office soon!

Milenium Computer Repair
1119 Barbados Ave
Orlando, Florida 32825.

Phone: 407-535-7861

Office Hours for Residential Customers:

Monday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Wednesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Thursday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

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Honest, reliable, and personable service! I had a 5 yr old Lenovo ThinkPad that suddenly wouldn’t boot up (power, but no display). I had some important files that I NEEDED to salvage, so I was selective when looking for professional repair. Most places I called had that rushed and indifferent “car-mechanic vibe” and wanted me to drop it off for a few days and pre-pay 80 diagnostic fee before providing a quote (which some estimated to range from $200 to $300), plus additional $90 to recover my data. I wasn’t thrilled about any of them, but was going to try one out anyway before I found Millenium Repairs. It was a little further away, but the consistent 5 star reviews compelled me to call. The owner, Andros answered and I knew right away, this was my guy. He let me explain the problem, told me what it could be, and told me to bring it by to check out together (no upfront fee). When I arrived, I expressed my concern for saving my data and without hesitating, he opened it up, pulled the hard drive out and flashed my files to a usb device for me. I left for a few hours and later that day, it was fixed in perfect working order. $100 flat-rate covered it all! Highly recommend!!
review from C T


2 months ago (Apr 24, 2024)
Andro was insanely helpful and confirmed the problem with my PSU and helped me find if anything else would be affecting my pc. Had me in and out in 30 minutes and then didn’t charge me. Incredible guy.
review from Ur boi Speedy

Ur boi Speedy

3 months ago (Mar 19, 2024)
I was struggling to build my PC, I had all the parts, but wanted guidance on what to do! Andro built the entire PC and added cable management. Everything turned out great! Nice guy! 100% would recommend
review from Amanda Moller

Amanda Moller

5 months ago (Jan 24, 2024)
Andro is an incredible computer technician, he helped me fix my problem with computer. He has a kind heart and I see that he loves helping people. I definitely recommend him and he is now my computer guy.
review from Caroline Bun

Caroline Bun

7 months ago (Nov 18, 2023)
Andro is hands down one of the best out there. He worked with me on my personal gaming rig that was quite old and got the issues taken care of while being very informative all the way. To boot he has a very warm personality and a pleasure to talk to on pretty much anything. He is my go to from now on for any issues that may arise. I highly suggest you reach out to him and you will be throughly impressed. Andro thank you so much for everything you are amazing. Best wishes !
review from Taylor Williamson

Taylor Williamson

4 years ago (Feb 28, 2020)
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